Cakes In Art Menu

 Below are suggested flavors, we will work with you to create your unique flavor combination!

White Chocolate Mousse Torte
Three moist layers of white genoise , two layers of smooth, melt- in-your-mouth white chocolate truffle mousse and a layer of tart apricot coulis.

Lemon Curd & Raspberry Coulis
Three delicate layers of white genoise, alternating with two light layers of a soft lemon mousse mist, a dramatic layer of lemon curd and finally finished with a layer of refreshing raspberry coulis.

Pink Champagne Mousse
Three layers of our famous for moistness white genoise, layered with two subtle layers of a whisper of pink champagne mousse. Delicate yet sophisticated flavor. Perfect for the elegant wedding theme!

Our highly acclaimed white genoise coupled with a light, fun margarita mousse. Zesty lime, lime curd and grated lime peel give this flavor a really festive zing!

Strawberry Daiquiri
Light, moist, layers of our envious white genoise, amidst two creamy, pink layers of mousse that are reminiscent of strawberry shortcake from the past! A number one choice of both children and adults alike!

The Chocolate Truffle Kiss Torte (death by chocolate)
Sinfully chocolate, rich and decadent, cake with layers of chocolate truffle mousse, a layer of chocolate truffle ganache and a layer of raspberry coulis.. This actually melts in your mouth like a high quality truffle! Both the cocoa powder and the chocolate we use are imported from Belgium to give you the finest available ingredients available in the world!!.

 Chocolate/Bailey's Irish Cream Mousse
Decadent, rich, fudgy layers of chocolate cake with a striking contrast of a creamy, light, Bailey’s Irish Cream mousse filling. To make this favorite even more inviting, we’ve added a Godiva chocolate truffle ganache center! All of the chocolate used at Cakes in Art is imported from Belgium.

French Vanilla Eclair with Dulce de Leche
Layers of our famous moist white genoise alternating with 2 layers of French Vanilla barvarian cream and
sandwiched with decadent, creamy, velvety handmade dulce de leche!!  Best seller for the past 4 years!!

                                                                                     Almond Pound Cake
 We added our ultra-moist, dense(but not heavy!), buttery, almond pound cake to our menu in 2018 and it has become a favorite! Seriously it is an evil pound cake... it is infused with a decadent almond flavor, is luxuriously moist and the flavor has an amazing richness that seems to leave our clients begging for more!! This cake is fabulous paired with raspberry, apricot or dulce de leche!!

                                                                                    Lemon Elderberry Cake  
This flavor has been much sought after since The Royal Wedding where Megan Markle & Prince Harry bravely wandered away from the traditional fruitcake that seemed to be a trademark among royals! This seemingly simple flavor of lemons & an infusion of Elderberry Cordial  tantalizes the taste-buds with a slightly tangy flavor, then all of a sudden just a whisper of the Elderberry flower dances across your tongue> lightly floral with a citrus aftertaste.The texture of this cake is similar to a dense pound cake, yet surprisingly light when it is layered with a delectable fresh Lemon Curd.

                                           Double Chocolate with Salted Caramel Bailey's Irish Cream Buttercream
Alternating rich,double chocolate layers of chocolate cake alternating with our Swiss Meringue Baileys Irish cream buttercream & salted caramel>
the result is an exquisite blend this trio of flavors, with a truly ambrosial effect!